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Art FAQs

Art FAQs

What is an ORIGINAL dig­i­tal fine art print?

An orig­i­nal dig­i­tal fine art print is orig­i­nal art­work that was cre­ated dig­i­tally and printed by a high-resolution inkjet printer using long-lasting pigment-based inks and an archival qual­ity substrate (paper or canvas).

Is an orig­i­nal dig­i­tal fine art print the same thing as a “giclée”?

With respect to the print­ing process, yes. The term giclée began as a descrip­tion of the way a fine art inkjet printer sprays ink onto a sur­face. Giclée has become, how­ever, the label for inkjet-produced repro­duc­tions of art cre­ated in another medium, such as an oil paint­ing. If a print is labelled giclée, ask if it is a repro­duc­tion or an orig­i­nal dig­i­tal fine art print.

What’s the dif­fer­ence between an OPEN edi­tion and a LIMITED edition?

An edi­tion refers to the num­ber of art prints cre­ated from one image.

Open edi­tions refer to a print that may be pro­duced an indef­i­nite num­ber of times.

Lim­ited edi­tions refer to a finite num­ber of prints that are made from one image. Lim­ited edi­tions are num­bered by the artist with two num­bers sep­a­rated by a slash. The first num­ber indi­cates the sequence in which the print was made. The sec­ond num­ber indi­cates the total num­ber of prints in the edi­tion. A print num­bered “10/50” is the tenth print made in an edi­tion of fifty. Once the fifty prints in the edi­tion have been pro­duced, the edi­tion is retired and will not be printed again.

Lim­ited edi­tions also include a num­ber of artist’s proofs that are retained by the artist for her own use or that are some­times sold by the artist after the lim­ited edi­tion has been exhausted. Artist’s proofs are des­ig­nated “AP” and num­bered in the same man­ner as lim­ited edi­tion prints.

Prints are custom-made one at a time by the artist and his staff in the stu­dio. The in-studio print­mak­ing process takes from 3 — 5 work­ing days. We use long-lasting Epson Ultra­Chrome pig­ment inks and acid-free, 100% cot­ton rag fine art paper and coated cot­ton can­vas. After print­ing, the print is dried for 24 hours and trimmed to fin­ished size. Lim­ited edi­tion prints are titled, num­bered, embell­ished and signed by the artist. Open edi­tion prints are titled and signed by the artist. All lim­ited edi­tion paper prints are embossed with the studio’s print­maker hallmark.

How is my print made?

You should han­dle fine art prints with great care, just as you would any other type of art­work. You should pro­tect it against light, water, mois­ture, air­borne con­t­a­m­i­nants, and fin­ger­prints; it is still sus­cep­ti­ble to dam­age.
The best way to pre­serve and dis­play your print is to have it pro­fes­sion­ally mat­ted and framed with museum-quality mate­ri­als. If you’re fram­ing the print your­self, use only “acid-free” mats, back­ing board, hinges or adhe­sive, and fram­ing. Always use a mat; dig­i­tal fine art prints should not touch the glass in a frame.

Does a dig­i­tal fine art print require spe­cial handling?

How long will my print last?

The print per­ma­nence of the ink-and-paper com­bi­na­tion used in our stu­dio has been tested by Wil­helm Imag­ing Research, Inc. and rated at 82 years (archivally framed prints dis­played under glass), 160 years (archivally framed prints dis­played under UV-filtering glass), and 68 years (unframed prints). The coat­ing applied to the fin­ished print may dou­ble the light­fast rat­ings if framed with archival mate­ri­als and UV-filtering glaz­ing. These esti­mates are not a guar­an­tee, only a rat­ing based on exten­sive test­ing by indus­try experts.

Although my actual print sizes are unique, they are for­mat­ted for stan­dard size frames. You will need cus­tom mat.

Will my print fit in a standard-size mat and frame?

Do I receive some kind of doc­u­men­ta­tion about my print?

Yes. You will receive a Bill of Sale that com­pletely describes your print, includ­ing the title, date, infor­ma­tion about the edi­tion num­ber and size (if a lim­ited edi­tion), mate­ri­als used, etc. A “cer­tifi­cate of authen­tic­ity” is avail­able on request.